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Hello! I Would like to take this opportunity to introduce our Company Good As New. We Specialize in carpet cleaning and soft Furnishings and we are based in Gateshead, we are fully trained and insured in all aspects of carpet cleaning and Soft Furnishings

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A GatesheadCarpet & Upholstery Cleaning Company

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Carpets, Rug's, Stain Removal and Upholstery

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Carpet Cleaning

Good As New

Specialise in Cleaning & Consultants For Carpets & Soft Furnishings in the North East We are based in Gateshead and we will cover the North east area to cover existing customers and a new customer data base.

If you need a free Quotation please feel free to contact us on 07388651897 or E Mail us at goodasnewcc@gmail.com our promise to you with our 5 Steps Of Cleaning of your Carpets & Upholstrey.

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Carpet Cleaning

Fully Insured

Our Promise

Here at Good As New, We offer an unconditional guarantee,

Meaning that if you are not completely satisfied with your Carpet clean you can let us know and we will gladly return and do the carpet again at no extra charge.

Our Services

It can be slightly difficult to provide prices for a Carpet clean. Most of the carpet cleans we do are made to suit your specific needs, With this being the case we provide a free Quotation. Rather than estimate a price without seeing the property.


Do you feel that the appearance of your favourite rug is slipping away from under your feet?

Or have you managed to spill drinks on it despite your best efforts to keep it pristinely clean?

Well, at Good As New we can give it that new-like feel and prestige look once again.

Deep pile shaggy rugs are beautiful underfoot and are sure to give any home that luxurious look.
However, this type of rug can harbour a lot of bacteria if not looked at properly.
Giving it a good vacuuming and a good shake down outdoors can help but it may not be enough to remove all the bacteria and germs.
If you live on your own, cleaning your rug may not be convenient as they can be heavy to clean.

To keep your rug in tip-top condition, we would recommend having it cleaned at least 3 times per year, depending on how much it gets through.

Good As New can clean your rug during our on-site visit if you require any carpets / Mattress doing at the same time.
Alternatively, we would collect your rug then clean it and return this to you by our trained technicians will clean most rugs: wool; man-made; wool blend; wool and polypropylene mix; and shaggy rugs too. If we don't think your rug is suitable for cleaning, then we simply will not clean it and let you know the dangers.

So call Good As New. to-day
Jacqueline & Jimmy on 07388651897

We are fully insured to work on your carpets.

On occasions we can do a carpet at very short notice.

We usually have an On-Call service for emergencies at an extra charge. We can arrange a visit to you ASAP.

Our hours are flexible and payment can be made by cash at your convenience.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Facts

Your carpet is a hidden playground for a whole host of virus, bacteria and bedbugs and much more.


Also known as Norwalk Virus,
Can cause stomach flu and other digestive problems.
It is able to survive on carpet fibres for up to four to six weeks, and can become air borne each time someone stands on it.

Mould and Mildew

Exist where there is excess moisture and dirt coupled up with poor cleaning and maintenance habits.

Bed Bugs

Can live in carpet and wooden floorboards to as well as beds, they are extremely fast can crawl to 100ft to gorge on people usually at night, it can take up to 3-10 minutes per meal and you don’t even realize when it has happened.


Outdoor debris from clothing and shoes work deep into your carpet and fibres, creating a reservoir of allergens like pollen and dust,
Also thousands of dead human skin cells, when shed landing on your carpet become food for dust mites.
Small children spend a lot of time crawling on floors & carpets their immune systems are more sensitive to foreign substances like the ones found in carpets,
While an adult may not worry that 1 square meter can average 2 ounces of dust as they are usually over 4ft in height,
An infant crawling on the floor could swallow up to 0.4 ounces daily.
Technically the dust mites waste is the actual allergen,
Can produce up to 200 times their bodyweight in a waste each day.

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Jacqueline & Jimmy
Cleaning Specialist's
Consultants for Carpet
& Soft Furnishings

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